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Since 1989 with a small capital of 5 Lacs and capacity of fewer than 2 tones.

Now, the capacity of more than 12 tons per hour and capital more than 3 crores, and we are about to reach the milestone of 100 crores of turnover..

Currently, this industry is well-managed & up running by the three main pillars:

  • Mr. Manish Agrawal

Building Blocks of Shubhlaxmi Food Products



Every year we have upgraded our machinery and technology up to date to be in the market for better quality control at competitive rates.

Even though we have faced downtime in our Rice sector, and no. of working rice mill units goes down from 200 to below 50 in our district.
With the help of our latest & updated technology, it helped us to remain in the market.

After this, we focused on the Domestic to International market and as per our expectation we received a fruitful business from an International Export business.

For the 1st year, we have done only 5 crores of export business and in a short duration of 4 years, it has crossed the turnover of 100 Crores.


We have provided no. of employment in our developing region. Even such a small-scale industry is contributing to our national GDP. We have also supplied rice to the government for their various schemes. Due to this export business, even farmers in our region are getting good prices for their crops.


We have seen the time when our region was said to be Backward. No doubt such a small-scale industry has helped / contributed to transforming it into development. And now, we are fully dedicated & determined to make it a developed district.